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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Breakdown

Spring is here and everything seems better with the extra daylight to enjoy in the evenings. It almost offsets the fact that tax time is here. Ok not really but I'd rather look at my tax bill with daffodils in the distance than piled slush.

Ah yes, moms~ that delightful time of year known as "spring break" is also upon us. Code word for daycare nightmare, it means restless kids who assume they are going on vacation because that what the school calls it. Why is it that you can never ever ever find a babysitter who is on the same school vacation schedule? You can't imagine how hard I've tried.

In  a scheduling tactic any mom who works "on the outside" will understand -- for the next few days, I'll be lining up every conference call I can, making sure the remote log-in is working like a dream, and making damn sure the camp registrations are all squared away.

And in the midst of it all, I think I many just do the most radical thing a "mompreneur" can do. I'm not working. Really not working. Cell phone off for a day. Voice mail set. PAAS egg dye ready to rock, and 2 boys I adore waiting in the kitchen w/ 2 dozen eggs. Say I prayer that my dogs don't end up blue & green!~

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