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Friday, July 16, 2010

Some things just need to be said

Christina at has the ultimate writing stress release, Flip Off Fridays. It's one post every week to blow off steam about what's driving you nuts that day. She was looking for some guest posters. I have a disproportionate need to vent to masses of people. It was kismet.

Thanks to Christina for passing me the Flip Off baton this week!  I’m so honored. In New Jersey, flipping off is nearly a sport so you’ve been left in the hands of a seasoned professional. I humbly bring you Friday Flip Offs: Jersey Style.

Jersey based reality shows
The Jersey Shore is not like the show Jersey Shore. We have beautiful beaches, that aren’t filled by drunken skanks. We do not all look, sound, and/or act like that. Between shows Real Housewives and Jerseylicious, most Garden Staters want to scream. We make fun of people like that, who are usually from NY. None of my Italian friends are that mean and tacky. And as a heads up, most of us aren’t Italian. It’s true, we all loved us some hairspray in the 80’s (maybe a little too long into the 90’s), but we’ve moved on to pliable hair. If you saw our property tax bills, you’d understand most of us can’t afford to tan all day. We get enough bad press with all the chemical plants and refineries flanking the airport and I95. (My people call it “The Turnpike.”). We need these jackasses like a hole in the head.

Obnoxious sand kicking kids
Right now, I’m down the Shore. (We don’t say “up/down/over to the beach.” It’s the “Shore” and the North or South thing is irrelevant. But I digress.) I want to relax. Would you PLEASE stop dashing by kicking up truckloads of sand on my InStyle Magazine? Will someone control those urchins? Oh, wait. Sorry everyone. Those are my urchins.

Loudmouths who suck the oxygen from the ocean breeze
We’ve all been in a beach chair (or on an airplane) with the vacationing town crier close by. She’s that total stranger whose voice, by sheer volume and total oblivion, rises above all. She is all you can hear. Why does she always settle next to my beach towel? I really don’t care about your cheating brother in law, lousy service at the restaurant last night, or OB/GYN visit. You talk so loudly you’re consuming all of the oxygen in the air. You don’t care, because it’s always all about you. I want to rent one of those banner planes pulling a sign reading “B-E Q-U-I-E-T!!!” You’re drowning out my iPod, the laughter of my sand kicking kids, the sea gulls, the crashing waves. The entire Eastern Sea Board hears you. ENOUGH!!!!

Lastly, Summer traffic
Traffic is always bad here. In Summer, we all hop on the preferred Shore conduit, the Garden State Parkway. NJ’s the most densely populated state in the US, with a crazy percentage of us heading down the Shore each Friday, all on the Parkway. Huddled masses, jammed into the same roughly 60 miles, during rush hour, and… well, you do the math. Then reverse it Sunday night. NJ has the highest percentage of college grads among the population. For such an educated bunch, you’d think we’d have built an alternate route.

Wow. That really was cathartic! Thanks to Closet Writer for this chance to vent. I feel better already. Bring it, Saturday. Show me what you’ve got!


  1. That is an excellent idea! (Venting on Fridays, that is...) I watched the Jersey Shore for the first time last night, mostly because nothing was on, and man, it's kind of depressing to see that there are people out there like that. But I can totally see why that would tick you off that they are portraying how people are from your state. Of course, I'm from Indiana, and not all of us are redneck, overweight men who like Bud Light and Nascar on a Sunday afternoon :-)

  2. That traffic each weekend doesn't sound like any kind of fun! I hope you enjoy the weekend at the shore...minus the sand kicking and loud talkers.

  3. Love the venting posts and I can say that I agree with all of them. The traffic especially. There is something about crawling traffic that make my road-rage come out. LOL

  4. Great post, love your humor :) Found you on Follow Friday. If you get a chance, check out my site. My latest post:

    Have a great day!

  5. I used to live in Philadelphia and we spent lots of time at the "shore." It was so wonderful and I agree with you whole-heartedly! Nothing like that terrible TV show.

    New follower and BFF
    Peaceful wishes,

  6. I grew up in NJ. My current post has a little Jersey twist.

    I love your part about the reality shows. I've never even watched any of them but I just assume the stereotypes would make me nuts. And of course, it's the SHORE!

  7. I don't like sand kicking either. Have great weekend!

  8. I'm glad I am not the only one from NJ that absolutely HATES those reality shows - if my daughter (or son for that matter) brought home anything remotely resembling the "heros" of the show I'd slit my throat :)

    It is part of what gives us a bad name - seriously who really wants to see those people on a regular basis. I wish they would have stayed in Miami!

  9. Loved this post! I may have to start venting on Fridays myself. It sounds very cathartic.