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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Resolutions: Day 11

It’s not that I try to torture my self esteem, I just find every year that optimistic side of me creeps out and says, “HELL YEAH! Let’s make some changes!” So, without further excuse (kind of), let’s have a status check on 2011’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Re-learn Spanish:
Watched 2 minutes of Dora the Explorer and don't even have a preschooler. I also listened to Enrique Iglesias/Pit Bull duet. This is a huge step up in effort from last year and 2009, since this is a carry over resolution.

2) Exercise every day:
The beauty of this was I left myself a loophole. I never committed (to me) to do 30 min, 60 min… one push up and I’m technically done. And yet, I’m still only 9 for 11. Good grief.

3) Blog at least twice per week
Well, let’s see—it’s the 11th and this is post #1. Okie dokie.

4) Clean up my mouth around the house
Sh*t.- Oh, just STFU.

5) Complete my first sprint triathlon
I’m actually getting somewhere with this, though I’ve had repeated nightmares that I’m being forced into the Atlantic Ocean and it’s January and I have no wetsuit and my family is cheering me on, not seeing that I’m really shivering to death not laughing really, really hard.

5B) Check the average water temp for Long Branch, NJ for August and check out wet suits
This wasn’t a resolution until the nightmares started, but I added it.

6) Keep the mail pile up off of the Dining Room table
DONE! I bought a WonderFile. That thing holds EVERYTHING. By September, I’m probably going to need a second. Or, maybe I’ll actually sort the piles I toss in there each night.

7) Avoid being sucked in to Son1’s “I’m a teenager and must have last word” challenge
Do eye rolls count? I’m not really sure how to self-assess on this one.

8) Be more patient with Son1 and Son2 in the morning
Moving right along…

9) Be more patient with Son1 and Son2 during homework time

10) Stop screaming like a banshee over their volume
Wait, what?

Oh, just STFU. I’m trying, ok. I need to go shop for a wetsuit, do two sit ups, and make sure there’s a corkscrew in the WonderFile.


  1. Lol. You crack me up. Good luck with things!

  2. I'm a monumental slacker. I don't even make new year's resolutions anymore. I figure, if I don't make them, I can't fail at them. haha

  3. I love number 7. it so difficult to not be sucked in? My poor husband is classic for wanting to WIN and have the last word. Just. Doesn't. Happen.