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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Letter to Our School Superintendent

So one snowpocalypse too may, and I feel like I’m seeing more of my kids around the house than we do during summer vacation. This is a bit of a challenge since A) hubs and I work; B) they can’t really go out to play as much in ice storms; C) my kids are wicked-hyper stir crazy; D) Division of Youth and Family Services I’m sure would frown up me me making some side change televising an epic yet-ill advised Ultimate Fighting Championship Pay Per View event in which light sabers, Wii controllers, and dog treats (don’t ask) are the weapons of choice.

But I figure I’m far from alone in this descent to madness. I see the maps of the country, and it looks like NJ is far from isolated in our iceolation. (See what I did there? Ice – olation.) Clever, eh? Proof I need spring. But as much, if not more, than we need spring, we need our kids IN SCHOOL. All of us. Even with standard school schedules, our country is falling behind Asian and European schools each year in math and science, and I’m whipping through what’s left of savings for on-demand movies and merlot. Hell in a hand basket is just a stone’s throw away. We need these kids in school! For the good of us all, they need to be THERE- weather be damned. Below is a letter which I have prepared for our superintendent. It occurred to me many of you may choose to write to your districts, so I have tried to make it somewhat flexible so you can personalize and use yourselves. I’m a giver, truly. Simply select the parenthesized phrase(s) that best sum up your feelings, and off it goes!

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Dr.) School Superintendent:

I am writing today to (implore you/ scream at you/ pleadingly beseech you) to consider keeping school in session the next time there is a (snow/ ice) event. While we respect your desire to (keep our children safe/ stay snug in your own bed), the disruption to (their education/ my mind) is becoming worrisome. 

I am aware that logistically, opening a school in inclement weather is a strain. Our state requires students attend (180/ your number) days a year. Many states are also stressing the need for physical education, in spite of trimmed budgets. I have a solution to propose which may (address these/ be totally selfish yet effective/ tap dance upon child labor laws). Have you considered having the children dress warmly and shovel the sidewalks and driveway? Snow shoveling is a highly effective aerobic activity as evidenced by (numerous studies/ the spike in cardiac care cases during snow). Under the combined mentorship of the Physical Education staff and town DPW, I’m sure they would do an excellent job. Sure, they may be a little tired when it comes to school work but (they will bounce back/ I could care less because they’ll be out of my now-trashed house and I’ll be at work).

In these days of tight budgets, I think we need to (get these ****ing kids out of my house/ get creative). Imagine the learning opportunities the music teacher would have if given multi-hour access to students to “whistle while they work” or sing chants like (well-trained athletes/ POW’s). Once cleared and cornered, snow mounds can be sculpted into a veritable Mt Rushmore by each class, thus combining History and Art. The lessons of inertia, mass and force, and the biology behind contusions are very easily demonstrated by students in your parking lot everyday. Snow fights may expand this learning. “In school snow days” would be the staycation of field trips. (Think outside the box./ Take my kids.)

While you may be (concerned parents may not want to drive/ appalled how readily we would drive) to the drop off for an in-school snow day, I am confident that as this winter drags on, parental support would be strong. Our country can not continue to slide internationally in educational comparisons to the industrious German and Japanese children. I think it’s time we realize that keeping kids home because of an inch or sixteen of snow is (disruptive to our position as a world leader/ making me want to stab my own eardrum at every robocall of the phone chain.)

Lastly, I was wondering if the school board would consider alternative solutions for our area which is prone to (snow/ ice/ wild boar infestations). While some room would need to be phased into the budget for any capital expenditures, I think public boarding school is perhaps an option that should be put on the table.

Hug and kisses~
A (deeply concerned/ completely fed up) parent


  1. hahaha. Oh, and I admire the ice-olation...nice, very nice.

    I feel your pain here in Texas.
    Boy do I feel your pain.

    "Let my people school"

  2. Stopping from Mom Loop! I bet you would have legions behind you in your effort to reopen schools.

  3. Dear Diva,
    LOVE it! Great post! You are a hoot!
    Fellow Jersey Girl,

  4. That was me last year when they were out of school for 21 days! And no electricity for 5. Coffee was replaced by mimosas.

  5. Omg what an awesome summary of how everyone is feeling right now. I can't tell you how many movies on demand i've bought in moments of desperation. And winter is not close to over! Aghhhh!

  6. As always, your wit keeps me smiling. I empathize completely in spirit if not in actual fact. We have been inordinately dry here in AZ.

  7. I feel for you guys out there. Even though it's 72 and sunny here in So Cal, and I home school, I greatly appreciate your letter and feel I could repurpose it for use with our Governor.

    Thanks for the template and I hope you dig out soon!


  8. funny post. i think we all need SPRING!

  9. I'm a bit late, but following you from Friday's blog hop! You can find me at

  10. I am in NJ, too, and I expect to completely lose my s*** if my kids have to stay home One More Time. I love your letter, and may send it along to my own Board of Ed.

    My friend forwarded me the link to your blog...I'm going to thank her now.

  11. "NJ is far from isolated in our iceolation. (See what I did there? Ice – olation.) Clever, eh? Proof I need spring."

    You definitely need a thaw and fast. LOL. And no, you're not alone... except that yesterday our ice/snow finally started melting. Just in time for the Super Bowl (down the street)... seriously I could walk there in 20 minutes. Well I could walk there now. Two days ago I'd have been taking my life in my hands (well feet) to walk to the mail box. Have a lovely day.

    -Michael (from