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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day that actually doesn't turn out like The Shining

On Feb 25, 2010- I, Leigh Abbott, self-proclaimed diva mom from New Jersey, being of barely-sound mind and haggard body, took a snow day. This latest round of snow followed a white out two weeks back that was not the greatest timing, given all we have to do with prepping for a March program, last minute errands, and the end of the year accounting crunch that hits everyone, busy or slow business, yet seems to drag to Mar 15.

I am happy to report I did NOTHING. I'd spent the prior weekend doing the good mom thing and proofed/ collaborated/ (did much of) my son's "creative" portion of his English project, wrapped up the last of the urgent email, paid some bills online, baked about 8 dozen cookies (just because), worked out twice (see note re: cookies), did about 50 loads of laundry... and then collapsed.

My respite last week was 2 hours of popcorn, the aforementioned cookies, and "North by Northwest." Sure, mani pedi was my first choice, but the snow was too bad. Then again, pedi's fade... visions of Cary Grant last a lifetime!

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