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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's play.... The Match Game!

Ok- on to round two. To recap the rules, one question per week, with winning answer worth 10 points. The first player to reach 50 point wins. Best answer is selected by scientific method of what cracks me up the most. In tie, my huband votes. If still deadlocked, your fate is determined by my 10 year old who has a stronger sense of wit and irony than my 12 year old. Multiple answers may be posted, so enter early, enter often.

Last week's winner was Les. Congrats Les, you passed the 10 yr old tie breaker! : )

I am happy to say prizes have been selected. The lucky, diligent winner will receive a choice of a "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" shirt OR a deliciously decadent choclate pack - both from Bellisimo-The Giving Basket of Chester, NJ.

Ok- Round Two, inspired our prizes:

You can always tell a girl from Jersey, because she'll ______________ you(r) ____________ when you least expect it.

Cue the funky theme!

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